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About Redrooffs

Redrooffs Marketing is a full suite growth marketing and web development studio. We specialize in high functioning websites, data driven applications and converting web traffic into customers.

We're a driven team, working hard to achieve our clients goals. That being said, we keep a fairly relaxed, yet focused atmosphere when dealing with our clients and each other.

Honesty, No Spin

An honest team working in Vancouver, BC

We take honesty as one of our core values when dealing with our clients and each other. We answer every question asked of us directly and without spin so you know what we say, we genuinely can deliver on.

Creativity with passion

We're a hard working, talented team, but we don't take ourselves to seriously. Working head down for 8 - 12 hours a day can be difficult in the best of times. We like to keep things light and humble around the office. It helps us connect with our customers in a more genuine way.

Redrooffs not Redroofs?

Not a spelling mistake. Our founder named us after one of his favorite roads in a small community called halfmoon bay, only a ferry ride and a 25 minute drive from Vancouver. You can read about the areas history here at the local museum website.

There is a rich history in the area, dating back to before the 1900s. Now there are some spectacular houses, beautiful west coast beaches and some of the nicest people on the planet.

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