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Importance of Pre-Project Discovery

It all begins with a phone call from one of our team members. The purpose is to discuss the needs of you, the business owner and what services we can provide to address those needs.

We will come to a general idea of what services your business needs to achieve your goals, along with the budget and timeline for the project.

Defining Project Scope

During this phase we dial in on the specifics of the services we discussed in the initial call. We define the functionality of the development work and what success looks like for growth marketing efforts.

This keeps expectations aligned and us accountable to you, the client.

Approval of Scope and Budget

After our initial scope meeting, our team will take what we discussed and create what we call our Scope document.

This document defines line by line the details of the project we are undertaking together. As part of that document any changes to our inital budget discussion will be presented and signed off on by you.

Project Begins

After the discovery, work begins!

Our talented development and marketing teams take over to bring your dream into reality.

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